Popular Pages to Test Your Internet Speed

There are websites that work efficiently to measure your Internet speed in a healthy way. We have researched and compiled these websites for you.

Speedtest: This is the most widely used website for measuring Internet speed and is available at speedtest.net.

Speedof Me: You can access this internet speed measurement site at speedof.me and by clicking the start test button at the bottom left, you can measure your internet speed.

TestMy Net: To measure your internet speed, you can access this site at testmy.net and click on the Test test my internet my button to measure your speed.

Fast: You can access this website which is developed by Netflix, which is a serial monitoring platform via internet, on fast.com and you can easily measure your internet speed by entering the site and doing nothing.

FCC Speed Test: This application, which is used to measure your internet speed from mobile phone, is available for Android software and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

The most important thing to consider when measuring speed from computer to phone is to stop your internet usage while speed testing. The active use of the Internet during speed testing negatively affects the accuracy of the results. In order to get the most efficient results, we recommend performing separate speed tests from all the different websites we offer. At the same time speed tests at different times of the day will make the result much more reliable. Because, as we have already mentioned, people are experiencing heavy internet usage and internet speeds are decreasing.