What is Ping and How to Reduce Ping Time?

The ping time is the time that elapses during the transmission of a data packet between your computer and the corresponding server. If the ping time increases, the videos begin to freeze for a while as they are in the video surveillance platforms and they are played back. This is the case when playing games. There are two reasons for this. LAG (Server Break Timeout) or time-out from you, ie ping time.

How to Reduce Ping Time
  • Start> Run> type here “cmd“.
  • We type “ipconfig” on the screen and then press enter key. Here we learn our IPv4 address.
  • Next step is writing ipconfig / flushdns. Here the command deletes your dns history. Press the enter key again.
  • Problem is solved 90%. And if you enter this command before entering every game or watch video, the rate of ping time will decrease.

The Importance of Ping Time

Usually in online games, every second or even milliseconds are of great importance, and if you have a high ping time in situations where every move can change your position in the game, you may even be in a bad situation. The reasons for the high ping value are actually quite numerous. Actually, when you enter a game, if your ping time value is too high, you should apply the ping reduction method. This action will be of great benefit to you. The reason for high ping value is that the most important thing is the distance of your internet line from your plant and sharing the line values if you are connecting with wi-fi connection. Therefore, you may need to stop at the nearest wi-fi connection or connect with the cable.