What is Smart TV? Smart Tv Features

The first patent on Smart TVs was taken in 1994. It took 5 years for Smart TV to apper. Today, TVs are often called Smart TVs that offer similar functions to computers – or rather mobile devices – that work with Internet-connected services. Smart TVs usually have all of the following functions.

Video playback via USB / DLNA: Video playback via USB / DLNA, a key feature for Smart TVs, offers larger format possibilities for new devices.

Apps and games: Play games on your TV and watch YouTube Netflix videos on your TV. Today we have smart TVs that come with operating systems, such as Android. These TVs offer you perfect application support, as if you were using an Android mobile device.

PVR / DVR function: Smart TVs allow you to record broadcasts without using a separate device. They can also download media from various sources.

Motion and audible control: With a camera (built-in or retrofit) or built-in microphone, you can control your TV without using the classic remote control.

Social networks: Today, wherever Smart TVs offer Facebook connection. It is seen that many of them support alternative social networks like Twitter.

Games: It is even possible to play games on Smart TVs. There are many games in the app stores and these games can be played even with special control devices.

Other features of Smart TVs include web browsing and bluetooth connectivity. All this is actually the most basic feature. Advanced televisions can offer much more.