What is Twitch? How to use it?

Twitch, which was purchased by Amozon for $ 970 million, is the platform that provides services for the live broadcasting of individual players and game companies. Thanks to this platform, many players can enjoy the moments of pleasure. At the same time, game companies are using this platform to make live broadcasts of organizations such as game tournaments.

You can broadcast live video using Twitch. You can record the live broadcasts can be monitored again. Twitch also offers various services for both follow-up and live broadcasters. The viewers are offered the Turbo package to hide and hide ads. With this package, you can store an ad-free page, Custom expression set, ID card, Extended Chat Colors and your past posts in Twitch for 60 days.


Receive donations

You can earn money by getting donations from your Twitch followers. In a more descriptive way, viewers can donate to you if they like the videos you publish or anything else you do. This way you can make money on Twitch.

Build a Twitch partnership

In order to partner with Twitch, you need to reach at least 5,000 subscribers. Then you should create an audience with these subscribers. After you have achieved all this, you must offer a partnership to Twitch. If the confirmation comes, a button called “subscriber” will be added to your channel. After adding this button, other subscribers will subscribe to your channel for $ 4. In this context, Twitch will send you some money in the range of 1.2 or 1.5 dollars. The remaining money will go to Twitch. In this way, you can make money on Twitch.

We recommend Open Broadcaster Software (Obs) if you want to broadcast live video in Twitch. You can download it here.